Commands and Permissions

User Commands

/swN/ALists all available SkyWars commands
/sw joinskywars.joinJoins the queue for the next game
/sw leaveskywars.leaveRemoves you from the queue or the game you're in
/sw kitskywars.kitLists kits, and lets you choose one
/sw kitguiskywars.kitguiOpens up a visual kit menu.
/sw statusskywars.statusDisplays information on current games and queue status
/sw versionskywars.versionDisplays the plugin's version
/sw rank <name>skywars.rankDisplays player stats for yourself or someone else
/sw topskywars.topShows top 10 players with most score

Note: If kit-gui.replace-kit-command is enabled in main-config.yml, the /sw kit will be replaced with /sw kitgui and /sw kitgui will no longer function as a command.

Admin Commands

/sw setlobbyskywars.setlobbySets the lobby location
/sw lobbyskywars.lobbyTeleports you to the lobby location
/sw setportalskywars.setportalSets a new portal at your current location
/sw delportalskywars.delportalRemoves one portal, in order of last added
/sw cancelskywars.cancelForce stops a currently running game of the given ID
/sw reportskywars.reportGenerates and submits a report.
/sw forcestartskywars.forcestartForce starts a game with the people in the queue.
/sw testkitskywars.testkitReplaces your inventory with a kit.

Note: /sw testkit will immediately replaces your inventory with the kit, with no regard for what world you are in.

Note: /sw report will submit Server Software, Server Version, plugin information and all configuration information to, then give you a URL link to the data. This is useful when debugging.

Setup Commands

/swsskywars.setupLists all available SkyWars setup commands that you can use currently
/sws start <Name>skywars.setupStarts creating a new arena, this will discard all unsaved arenas.
/sws setpos1skywars.setupSets the first position for where to copy the arena from.
/sws setpos2skywars.setupSets the position opposite from the first position to copy the arena from.
/sws addspawnskywars.setupAdds a spawn position to the arena at your current location.
/sws saveskywars.setupSaves the configuration to file under the name you started with.
/sws createkitskywars.setupCreates a kit from your current inventory.
/sws update-arena <Name>skywars.setupUpdates an arena's "block cache". See Setting up a new arena for more information

For a full guide on using the setup commands, check out Setting up a new arena.

For a full guide on /sws createkit, check out Creating a new kit


PermissionDefaults toFunction
skywars.joinEveryone/sw join
skywars.leaveEveryone/sw leave
skywars.versionEveryone/sw version
skywars.statusEveryone/sw status
skywars.topEveryone/sw top
skywars.rankEveryone/sw rank
skywars.rank.otherEveryone/sw rank <name>
skywars.kitOP Only/sw kit
skywars.kitguiOP Only/sw kitgui
skywars.lobbyOP Only/sw lobby
skywars.testkitOP Only/sw testkit
skywars.setlobbyOP Only/sw setlobby
skywars.setportalOP Only/sw setportal
skywars.delportalOP Only/sw delportal
skywars.cancelOP Only/sw cancel
skywars.reportOP Only/sw report
skywars.setupOP Only/sws
skywars.forcestartOP Only/sw forcestart
skywars.setsignOP OnlyPlacing join signs

Note: some permissions have extra functionality:

| Permission | Function | | skywars.kitgui | This permission also allows having a Kit GUI shown automatically when joining with enabled in main-config.yml | | skywars.join | This permission also allows joining the game by clicking on join signs |