Here are some handpicked open source projects I've worked on. For a full list, see


Alternative game client to the official Screeps client. Screeps is an online RTS-MMO where users upload JavaScript programs to control online empires.

screeps-rs attempts to be an alternative to the official client. While the official client is run in the browser, screeps-rs runs natively. It does not attempt to be fully-featured, but rather a minimal alternative for those wanting a lighter client.


Simple, efficient logging for the rust language. Lets users configure logging through branches/sub-loggers, up to an infinite depth. Each level can perform formatting, or filter through message priority or other arbitrary criteria.

An open source pastebin and short-link server. Mostly a learning project for python web servers, but also continuously runs at Built in Python with the flask web framework.

Projects in the further past:


A server-side Minecraft Minigame where players fight to the death on floating islands. It was built when I was much more part of the Minecraft community, and I've been able to partially maintain it since. It is my most used Minecraft plugin, with over 400,000 downloads to date.


mc-cli is a command line client for Minecraft. It uses an open source library for connecting to Minecraft servers and JLine for making a nice interface. It allows for 10+ fake clients to connect to the same running server, and is useful for testing plugin features which require many players to be online to function.

  • September 2013 - September 2014
  • GitHub


This is a bash script compiled for managing a local minecraft server on a linux server of VPS. It can handle backups, restarting the server regularly, keeping it running in the background and updating plugins with the right configuration.

It mostly "just works" - not many changes are needed after initial creation.

  • November 2013 - January 2014
  • GitHub

FRC Team

I was a programmer for the FRC team 4030 from 2012-2015. Source code for the robot programs I worked on are available at: